larry and his flask

Album review by: Stephanie Roe

After listening to the latest album, By The Lamplight from Larry and His Flask, it’s ok to rethink just how much you like bluegrass music. Seamlessly blended with punk and a pinch of ska, The Flask has created one of the most dynamic and ear-pleasing sounds of the summer. A bright smorgasbord of banjo, horns, acoustic guitars and soaring melodies, By The Lamplight is set to take your preconceived notions of bluegrass and flip it onto a modern stage.  It’s theatrical and fun, but more importantly, it’s good music.

Unlike previous efforts by The Flask, this album is more willing to be embraced as bluegrass with punk and ska hints instead of the other way around. The founding members of the group spent a good amount of their early career in a punk-rock band and their roots always shone through. But this new album is the polished efforts of the three genres finally stomping in time with one another.

From the harmonious vocals (“Pandemonium”) and 50’s inspired swing guitar-riffs (“Out of Print”) to the bittersweet acoustic guitars (“Gone From You”) and the up-beat banjo blues progressions (“Home of the Slave,”) this multi-genre encompassing record is full of pleasant surprises. The Flask made an album for those who appreciate the intricacies of genre blending and the dramatic yet harmonious commotion that it brings.

By The Lamp Light is streaming now on The Brooklyn Vegan.

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We also had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Andrew Carew (vocals, trombone, and banjo). Check it out below.

Substream: Your new album, was just released yesterday, what can we expect from it? Will it be similar to what we’ve heard from you before?

Andrew: Yeah, we have a new full length album called “By the Lamplight” that we’re really excited about. Most of it is similar to the normal Flask sound, but there are several on there with some new experimental sounds. We tried to be a bit more mindful of dynamics on this one. So some are a little slower with a little more groove, rather than just fast and hard all the time. Check it out, tell me what you think!

S: This year has been pretty busy for you guys, you’ve toured a lot, signed to Frank Turner’s label, X-tra Mile Recordings in the UK, and more! What are your plans for the rest of the spring and summer?

A: Our plans for the rest of the year are just travel, travel and more travel. We’re pretty much spending the rest of this year on the road promoting the new album.

S: What is one thing you’d like people to know about Larry and His Flask that they might not already know?

A: One thing people might not know is that we all really want to start a hardcore/rock n roll side project called Eagle Shit. But there’s just not enough time. Someday…

S: You’ve been touring all over the world lately, is there one place you haven’t played that you haven’t played that you’d like to? Why? 

A: I think we all want to go anywhere that we haven’t been yet. South America, Japan, Russia… All of it!

S: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

A: Yeah, we collect rare whiskey and rare coins. So if ya got any that you’d like to part with, bring ’em to the show.


Interview by: Nici Arsenault