Originating from San Diego, California comes pop/rock band, Allstar Weekend; however, that may not be the case upon the release of their upcoming album. Formerly known from the airplay they received on behalf of Disney, Allstar Weekend has been dubbed a “Disney band”. Looking to retire this title, the band has announced as of early January that after their time on Warped Tour this summer, Allstar Weekend will be on indefinite hiatus. Fear not long time fans, because Cameron, Michael, and Zach will be starting a new band with a brand new sound! For those who weren’t able to get into the Allstar Weekend material, you might dig the new direction the band is headed in. The boys of Allstar Weekend have definitely matured since their freshman album, Suddenly Yours. The growth has proven through not only their sound, but also in the lyrical makeup. If the new direction Cameron, Michael, and Zach are moving in has you as intrigued as it has us, be sure to pick up a copy of their new album due to be released later this year (check the links at the end of this article to stay up to date with Cameron, Michael, and Zach).


Getting ready for the last show on the very final headlining tour as Allstar Weekend, Cameron, Michael, and Zach sat down with us to chat about the immediate future of the band. Read on to see what the trio had to say.


Substream: How do you feel going into the last headlining show as Allstar Weekend?


Michael Martinez: Really good, I feel really good.

Zach Porter: I feel sick.

Cameron Quiseng: I feel sad, but it’s going to be fun.

Michael Martinez: It’s bittersweet.

Zach Porter: I’m really sad, actually. Last show, I’m going to feel like shit the whole time. Probably play bad, but it’s okay.


Substream: You just put out a cover EP titled Kevin’s Place, how did you pick the songs that were going to be on there?


Cameron: It was really random actually.

Mikey: We just said “what songs are we capable of playing?”

Cameron: Well, “Thunder Road” was definitely a stretch, because that’s an impossible song to play. It’s a great song.


Substream: Not too long ago, Allstar Weekend joined Kickstarter to help fund the upcoming album. The goal set more than tripled. What was that like for you?


Cameron: Yeah, that was crazy!

Zach: That was awesome!

Cameron: We did not expect that. I got to go on a bunch of dates. Got to go to Disneyland a bunch of times.

Mikey: That was a lot of fun.

Cameron: It was the best!

Zach: I didn’t even think we were going to meet our goal.

Mikey: I didn’t think we were going to get $30,000.

Cameron: Me neither, it’s kind of crazy.


Substream: Recently, you announced that Allstar Weekend would be going on hiatus but the actual band itself would be under a new name and sound. What was the inspiration behind this?


Zach: It was time. As we’ve grown up, we’ve got kind of jaded and bored of Allstar Weekend music. So, we’re trying to go with something else and something we’re passionate about. I don’t know, we didn’t want people to expect us to play old stuff-

Cameron: -With the new stuff.

Zach: Because I don’t think it’s fair for people to buy tickets and not feel like they’re getting their moneys worth. And so, we don’t want to false pretense.

Cameron: It’s not Allstar Weekend, at all.

Zach: It’s just what we decided to do.


Substream: With your fan base growing more each day, the millions of likes on Facebook, and your soon journey onto Warped Tour all under the name Allstar Weekend, a lot of people are wondering “why the name change now”?


Cameron: Because with Allstar Weekend, as much as we love Allstar Weekend and how it has done so much for us, forever we’ll be considered the “Next Big Thing”. We’ll always be a Disney band. It’s really unfortunate, especially with the new music because it’s not that.

Mikey: That, and we wanted to do something that we’re more passionate about. Just doing it for the sake of doing it because we already have a million followers, it wouldn’t be cool.

Cameron: We should be doing it because we love doing it.


Substream: Do you think fans will carry over to the new sound?


Mikey: I don’t know if they will or not.

Cameron: We’ll have to see.

Zach: It doesn’t matter either way. I think it’ll be great to move on. We’re really grateful for everything they’ve done in the past. A lot of people say “I’m so excited for the new band” and I tell them, “well, you haven’t heard it yet”. Don’t say that before you know what it is.

Cameron: It could be white noise… very indie.

Mikey: Techno metal.



Substream: Do you have a name picked out?


Cameron: Not yet.

Mikey: Twisted Flames. Nipple Piercings.

Cameron: Smashing Skulls.

Mikey: “We’re the Nipple Piercings!”


Substream: Will you be playing any of the new material on Warped Tour?


Cameron, Mikey, Zach: No.


Substream: What bands are you looking forward to touring with on Warped Tour?


Cameron: Go Radio, Forever the Sickest Kids, Goldfinger.

Zach: Goldfinger.

Cameron: I know there’s a lot of bands, I’d have to see the list again.






Allstar Weekend

By Melissa Cyrus



  1. I will miss the old allstar weekend but I know I will love the new! And I think every aduber can say the same! I support you allstar weekend!

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