Devil's Daughter artwork

We bring to you The Inverted‘s newest single, “Devil’s Daughter” off the EP Devil’s Daughter, out July 4. Check out the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for the single!

The Inverted are a young, three piece hailing from Jensen Beach, Florida. While the band is still in high-school, they are channeling a complex alternative sound far beyond their years. The band will be touring across Florida all summer long in support of the release and in an effort to continue the expansion of their local fanbase.

Here’s what the band has to say about “Devil’s Daughter:”

“I remember that when I wrote this song, I was not in a great frame of mind. This song is written out of pure hatred and regret about this one person and how I spent so much time worrying about what she thought. So naturally when I figured out that she was just messing with my head for her and her friends’ own amusement, it pissed me off. I think this song pretty much explains how some people (and love in general) work. They can tell you one thing but mean something different. When you listen to this song, ask yourself, is it worth it; to waste your time and energy to pursue something that will fail 99% of the time? Hell yes. Love is a battlefield! Pat Benatar for the win!”

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