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Fresh off their tour with OwlC ity, Los   Angeles based Echosmith are already preparing to hit the road again this summer. Sydney Sierota, lead singer of the all sibling alternative pop band, talks family, YouTube, and Warped Tour 2013.

Substream Magazine: So, what’s the background of the band; how did you get started?

Sydney Sierota: We actually grew up in a very musical house. Our dad is a producer / songwriter, so we’ve kind of been surrounded by music our entire lives. It was just natural for us to start a band. We all learned our instruments separately, working a lot individually; we didn’t start the band until 5 years ago. Here we are; just an alternative pop band from L.A. trying to share our music with as many people as possible.


SM: You guys have a sound that’s unlike anything going on in the scene right now. Where does the band gain musical inspiration from?

SS: We are very spread out on our influences, but I think mainly we love 80s new wave. Bands like The Smiths, Joy Division, and Fleetwood Mac. We grew up listening to that, so it plays a part and you can hear a little of it in our music. We also really love The Killers and Coldplay.


SM: This is the band’s first time playing Warped Tour; what are you most excited about?

SS: So three of us have never even attended Warped Tour; only Jamie, our guitar player, has. It’s going to be crazy! I mean, our first time going is actually playing… It’s going be insane! We’re just so excited because it’s totally different than anything we’ve ever done. It’s going to be a really cool experience. Definitely one to remember.


SM: What bands or artists are you stoked to see at Warped?

SS: MotionCity Soundtrack is one of the main bands that we are super excited to see and hopefully meet. In general, we just want to meet all of the bands because we’ve heard it’s such a community. Pretty much stoked to see everyone!


SM: Echosmith has made a bit of a presence on YouTube… you guys have put out a ton of cover songs.

SS: Oh yeah. We’ve seen a lot of growth from that, too. It’s pretty cool how YouTube can lead you to discover other bands and it’s crazy we’re actually seeing it happen to us. We’ve noticed that ever since we started doing videos consistently people are finding us. They’re finding us, and coming to the shows from just seeing a YouTube cover. It’s so awesome that people can fall in love with a band online.


SM: Will you be incorporating any cover songs into your set at Warped?

SS: Maybe! I’m not totally sure on what our set is going be yet… For the most part we’ll be doing our own songs. On the tour we did with OwlCity we would play “Melt With You” [Modern English] which was super fun because everyone usually knows that song. It’s fun to have everyone singing along!


SM: What can you tell me about the band’s debut album?

SS: We’ve worked so hard on it. It’s taking a little bit because we’ve spent so much time perfecting it and choosing the right songs. I mean, we had like 70 songs that we chose from for this record so we’re just excited to finally show it. Not totally sure when, though. We’ve been playing it by ear as far as a release date, but we’re anxious for everyone to hear it!


SM: So much has happened, and so fast, for the band this past year… what are your hopes for the future of Echosmith?

SS: Honestly, we just love playing music and creating music so much. We really want to reach as many people as possible. I mean, we all of course have high hopes and dreams of playing stadiums and all that, but we’re pretty much okay with anything as long as we’re playing music. It’s exciting that it’s growing more and more as we go, and we love where we’re going. I hope we really catch on, and for people to really get what we’re getting and what the label is getting. We have high hopes, but we’re okay with where we’re at, too.


Look for Echosmith this summer on the Vans Warped Tour 2013!

Twitter: @echosmith



by Ashley Slaton