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Pop/rock band, Marianas Trench, seem to be getting noticed a lot more in the United States. Currently on their first US coast to coast tour, they’ve also signed to a US record label, dropped a new EP here, and are rumored to be heading back into the studio very soon. Read on for the full scoop of what these Canadian natives have in store!

Substream Music Press: Congratulations on the recent Juno for Group of the Year! What was going through your head when you found out you won?

Mike Ayley: First thing was happiness, surprise and relief. Then I thought to myself “Whatever you do, Mike, do not trip on your way to the stage.” I also made a point to not walk too fast. That would have lead to a very awkward 30 seconds on stage all by myself.

SMP: Recently, you signed onto Cherrytree Records, who is your label home in all territories aside from Canada. How does it feel to belong to a US record label now?

Mike: It’s VERY exciting to be part of their family. Cherrytree has great artists on their roster and there’s an incredible team with a history of success. It’s very cool to start to look at the global picture for the band. The opportunities are practically unlimited.

SMP: The Noise Tour will be the first US coast to coast tour Marianas Trench will embark on, starting in Spokane, Washington and ending in Chicago, Illinois. Your schedules will obviously be very hectic, but if you find time, are there any tourist attractions you’d like stop at in any of the cities?

Mike: There are a couple very cool things to doing a tour like this in a country you haven’t seen that much of. Firstly, getting to play for fans in 26 different cities is a thrill. I love to see our fans face to face and getting to see the reactions of first time MT concert goers is priceless. Secondly, although the schedule is crazy hectic, every once in awhile you get a day that is all yours. Exploring new towns and cities always makes for a fun and unpredictable adventure. On this tour, in particular, it looks like we will have a day or two off in New York City. A few of us are already looking into catching a Yankees game. That would be a classic USA experience!

SMP: The last headlining US tour you had, I believe every date was sold out. Are you expecting the same turn out for the Noise Tour?

Mike: I’m not sure what happened on that tour but it blew us away. This time we have been booked into bigger venues across the board, so I think expecting to sell out every show would be unrealistic. You never know, though. It already looks like Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Buffalo and some more will sell out. I’m quite happy with that!!!

SMP: The Canadian tour dates for the Face The Music Tour had some pretty exciting aspects to it (i.e. Josh being suspended in the air, standing onstage in just your underwear, etc.), can your American fans be ready to experience any of that on the Noise Tour?

Matt Webb: Absolutely!!!! We would never cut our Americans fans short of the fullest Marianas experience. With smaller venues, we are unable to bring our flying rig, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of shenanigans. I ain’t giving away any surprises, but rest assured, you will be rocked.

SMP: For Josh, being suspended above a live audience while still performing is not something many artists are willing (or able) to do. Was it difficult or frightening doing so?

Matt: Of course, but that guy still manages to pull off a ripping guitar solo while suspended high above the audience. I’ve been up in the fly rig a few times during sound check and it definitely gets sketchy up there. Also, not super comfortable in the “groinal” region.

SMP: The latest album released by Marianas Trench is titled Ever After and is formed around a fairytale. Along with having the written story, your music videos also coincide with each other, playing out that fairytale. How did this concept come about?

Matt: This concept was brewing for a long time. We thought it would be sick to have a themed record that ran from start to finish, while telling a story that the listener could follow if they really chose to dig in. The fairytale theme provided us a wonderful opportunity for stage production and live tricks, making our show much more that just a listening experience. A true assault on the senses.

SMP: You gave your fans very hands on experience with this entire album. From having them send in homemade dolls and toys to actually appearing in the music videos. What’s it like having fans being so involved?

Matt: LOVE IT. We’re all in this together and we’re certainly nothing without our fans. When our fans feel invested in us, it only drives us to be better and more creative and keep pushing the boundaries. It’s very inspiring and we truly appreciate their help and commitment.

SMP: Your Facebook page has a section titled “Anti-Bullying and other help…”. With an album like Fix Me and the powerful lyrics it houses, it’s no wonder fans have built such a connection. How does it feel to know that your music just might have saved someone’s life?

Mike: I think music can be a very powerful tool when it comes to healing, which is why we have created an anti-bullying and self-help section on our Facebook page. I think it’s important for people to realize that they already have it inside them to seek help and to overcome personal obstacles. I don’t feel comfortable saying we’ve saved lives; people have saved their own. We just threw a little water on a seed that was already there.

SMP: You released an EP titled “Face The Music” that dropped on May 14th, here in the US. The EP features a few songs off your album, Ever After. What made you choose the songs for this EP?

Mike: We wanted to put on a couple of our favorites from Ever After, so we put on our first single “Haven’t Had Enough” and “Desperate Measures”. We also wanted something different on there, something previously unreleased, Which is why we recorded a couple of acoustic tracks for “Haven’t Had Enough” and “Fallout”. I’ve always loved it when bands record stripped down acoustic tracks.

SMP: There are rumors that you’ll be heading back into the studio to possibly work on new material after the Noise Tour comes to an end. Can you confirm or deny that?

Mike: Confirmed! We will be recording a few new tracks for the US release of Ever After!

SMP: Just recently, you wrapped up your video shoot for “By Now”. Can you tell us anything about it or any memorable moments that may have taken place on set?

Mike: We had a blast on set for the video shoot of “By Now”. We did a gorilla style drop and go video over the course of a week in Vegas. We shot a ton of great footage and I can’t wait to see the finished product. The highlight had to have been the live performance part of the shoot. We had to look super dirty and beat up, so I just dropped to the ground and rolled around in the desert for five minutes. Seemed to work pretty well. Grabbed a smoke bomb during the night part of the shoot and got a lovely third degree burn on my hand. Perhaps not the wisest thing to do.


Marianas Trench

By Melissa Cyrus