I SEE STARS Debut Brand New Track From Upcoming Digital Mixtape Release, Renegades Forever, Set For May 28th (Digital Only Release) – Official Track Listing Below

Check out a brand new track from I See Stars below.


“‘Can We Start Again’ started off as a b-side off our previous album and evolved into much more than that. With help from Sumerian Records and our friends Frankie Palmeri & Mattie Montgomery, it became about a scene that is much like the hallways we walked down as teenagers. We used the iconic lyrics from a song by Bane that changed the scene before bands like us were even around and still holds a place in a lot of hearts. We’re all here to connect through music and to be a part of a movement that embraces open minds and open hearts. Unfortunately, some people choose to thrive off negativity, disunion and narcissism.

This song goes out to all our peers and friends who live on the road doing it every single year, but more importantly to all the fans who make this all possible. This is not a song off the forthcoming album. It’s the closing chapter to [digital_renegade] and the opening track to our digital mixtape release titled Renegades Forever that comes out May 28th on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and everywhere else online. The track listing is below. Love & Respect” — I SEE STARS


Track Listing:

1. Can We Start Again (ft. Frankie Palmeri of Emmure & Mattie Montgomery of For Today)

2. Underneath Every Smile (Acoustic Version)

3. This Isn’t A Gameboy

4. The Hardest Mistakes (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)

5. The Hardest Mistakes Pt 2 (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)

6. Filth Friends Unite (Celldweller Remix)

7. Gnars Attacks (Mutrix Remix)

8. Electric Forest (Andrew Oliver Remix)

9. NZT48 (Razihel Remix)

10. NZT48 (Razihel Remix Pt 2)

11. Save The Cheerleader (Bare Remix)