Sub.Live: No Breaking this Spring Fever! All Time Low rocks The Tabernacle in Atlanta with Pierce the Veil, Mayday Parade & You Me At Six!!!

Original Show Date: April 18th 2013

Spring fever, a term typically associated with the arrival of warmer climates, but in the pop punk world, it is a different meaning entirely.  While music fans enjoy warm weather similar to everyone else, the definition of Spring Fever 2012 was most importantly associated with an amazing tour sponsored by Fearless Records.  After much anticipation and planning, All Time Low and Pierce the Veil hit the road together.  ATL and PTV divided the headlining spots between coasts; the Baltimore natives, All Time Low, rocked the east and California natives, Pierce the Veil, the west.  Adding more awesome to the line-up was support from Mayday Parade and friends across the pond, You, Me at Six.  What would ensue was bound to be organized chaos (since all the bands are jokesters) on and off stage.




Anticipation for a certain day or event typically causes the lapse of time to feel as if it is lapsing at a much slower pace.  This writer can attest to some validity of this concept, because it truly does feel that way.  At long last the Atlanta date of the Spring Fever tour had arrived and fans flocked to a different venue this time around.  When All Time Low previously stirred up the city with their onstage shenanigans was at the Masquerade for the ‘Rockshow at the End of the World’ tour.

This time around, The Tabernacle housed the sold out show on April 18th and fans flocked to the venue early to guarantee a good standing spot amongst the chaos.  The opening of the doors were similar to flood gates as fans jammed together to get in that much faster, even just a few seconds was time saved.  After the sense of needing to rush in, fans were met with more waiting.  Despite that, there was a sense of relief just from being at the show.  Before anyone knew it, the show was slated to begin.

As the house lights faded to black, the first to take the stage that night was You, Me at Six. (YMAS).  Fans did not spare a minute before going absolutely crazy.  Moshing and crowd surfing broke out simultaneously with unanimous singing along.   Luck was in the air as fans were treated to an amazing of seven songs by YMAS including “Bite My Tongue” and “Loverboy”.




Hearts, more specifically lightning bolt hearts, were a prominent and familiar logo, synonymous with Mayday Parade.  As direct support, Mayday’s set was shorter, but stellar as always.  The length had no lessening effect on the energy from Derek, Jeremy, Jake, Brooks and Alex. They put everything into every note they perform, every time.  With favorites from A Lesson in Romantics; “Jamie All Over”, “Jersey”, Anywhere But Here; “Kids in Love” & Mayday Parade “Oh Well, Oh Well”; combined into that evening’s set, fans were treated to another great Mayday performance.







The night was far from over with no signs of the fever breaking as the crew set the stage for Pierce the Veil.  Black lighting and neon colored stage décor made for a glow-in-the-dark setting on stage and seemingly throughout the entire room.   Within seconds of Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Jaime Preciado and Tony Perry performing “Hell Above” (Collide with the Sky), neon green confetti filled the air.  Stellar vocals combined with guitar shreds and drumbeats are a perfect balance of hardcore harmony.  About midway thru, PTV showcased a softer side with an acoustic version of “I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket.”  The set came to a close with a high-energy performance and crowd sing along to  “King for a Day.”  PTV exit stage right exactly how they entered, to fans going crazy and neon confetti in the air.









As the house lights came up, so did the fans, for air that is.  General admission seemed to open up giving those who were dedicated to staying in the crowd all night room to breathe.  The main event was quickly approaching and the crowd needed to regain energy beforehand. The chatter of anticipation grew louder as the signature ATL backdrop; black with ‘get low’ in white type, was raised high above the masses.  The house was packed to capacity, from general admission barricade to the top balcony.

A slow and steady chant of ‘All Time Low’ got progressively louder as fans could no longer contain their excitement for the show to start.  Finally, a blackout occurs, then, a solo spotlight appears and so does a dapper gentleman in a tuxedo.  A microphone descends from the ceiling in true boxing match form and the announcer for the evening asked if the crowd was ready for ’60 minutes of mediocre rock and roll.’  Always full of jokes, but truthfully, All Time Low is far from middle of the road, in fact, they rule the road.









In true ATL style, each member intro was a mix of fact and dirty humor accompanied by their own theme song.  One by one; Zack, Rian, Jack then Alex took the stage, donning Rocky-esque robes ready to ‘box’. ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!’,  exclaimed the announcer.  What ensued was the concert version of a rumble, if the crowd going absolutely crazy immediately defines it.  The ‘get low’ banner dropped to reveal an ‘ATL’ logo each letter encased in what resembled drumheads as “Lost in Stereo” kicked off the set.









No one can come close to predicting the shenanigans of an All Time Low show and let’s be honest, plenty will happen.  Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack have blurred the lines of limits, dirty humor and jokes are synonymous with ATL, but they do have a serious side.  Their performances never cease to amaze.  The crowd sang along to every word so throughout the night, Alex gave them the lead.  The only sign of Panic were stellar songs from All Time Low’s fourth album including “If These Sheets Were States”, “Somewhere in Neverland”, “For Baltimore”, “The Reckless & The Brave” and more.  Of course there were past classics from So Wrong, It’s Right; Dirty Work andNothing Personal. 






Guitars of various designs and colors were swung, flung and played while standing on speakers, high rises and Rian’s drum kit.  Jack took time to chill and sat on the edge of both sides of the stage.  Typical dirty banter from Alex and Jack happened, but it was to be expected.   The show ended on a high note, and typical All Time Low fashion, with “Dear Maria (Count Me In)” rounding out the set list.  Alex and Jack perform half of the song on stage, the other up close and personal with the crowd.




Whether standing on top of the barricades or crowd surfing, how the show will end is unpredictable, but it’s always memorable.  Thus, another stellar ATL show in the books, but Don’t Panic because there is no end in sight.  Fans will be under the influence of spring fever until the next ATL tour, whenever and whatever that entails… only time will tell.