The passion is in the performance for Seattle natives, Monsters Scare You. The scremo/electronica sextet’s last two years have been busy, from inking a record deal with Century Music and new management, to the upcoming release of their debut full-length, Die A Legend, set for July 9th. Their energetic live shows have earned them a top spot in the Northwest scene, making them regulars at Seattle’s El Corazon and opening spots for heavy hitters like Falling In Reverse and Dance Gavin Dance. The next step in their rising careers? To travel to your town and start a dance party with you. Substream was able to sit down with Chad Keller, guitarist for MSY and talk about their new album and the recent release of their single “Smiling is My Favorite.”


Substream: I guess I should start off with a congratulations. You and Monsters Scare You officially released your next single off of Die A Legend, called “Smiling is My Favorite.” With a song like that, you’ve got plenty of reasons to be smiling.

Chad Keller: Absolutely. It feels like a lifetime coming to finally get some music out. It’s been great. It seems like people have been getting excited about it and obviously us as well.


S: As a band, you’ve been making some big strides. Two years ago, you were AP’s #2 unsigned band. Now you’ve got a deal with Century Music, just got a manager and are about to release your debut full length. What’s it been like watching your band pick up steam?

CK: Surreal.  (laughs) You never think that when you’re playing in a band that you’re gonna get picked up and all these things start to happen and people start to notice you. You just have to go out there and do it and play music and hope that someone pays attention. For us, all the hard work and everything put in, the feeling is great. It’s so exciting, fresh and something we’ve all really wanted for a long time. We’ve kind of had that “Ah ha” moment, once everything came to fruition with getting management and getting signed to Century, having everybody start to pay attention. With all of the shows piling up, it’s a relief and we feel great about it.


S: What was it like making your first full length as compared to an EP?

CK: It was about the same, it just felt a little bit longer (Laughs.) We like being in the studio, we thought it was a great experience and every time we went in we learned something new. To us, it feels good to write that music and be in the studio. We started working with [producer] Joel Casey Jones about a year and a half ago. He did our first EP and everything that lead up to us getting signed. [Casey] did a lot for us and helped us figure out what it’s like to be in a studio and how to play together. He showed us how to have a whole record built around the show you’re going for, so he’s been very influential.


S: Out of all 13 songs, which one on the album was your favorite?

CK: I would have to go with “Elephant Graveyard.” It’s just a feel good song. It gets you pumped up right away. There’s something about it when we play it together in practice, it just make you feel good and gets you ready for the rest of the songs we’re about to play.


S: What are you most excited about when it comes to your record, Die A Legend?

CK: It brings a lot of opportunity. It gives us an chance to tour and to show more people around the country who we are. I think that’s the big thing for us is to bring it to people and play it live. For us, it’s always been about playing for people. We’ve always loved to tour, we’ve always loved to be in a van together. We just love that experience and we think Die A Legend is going to allow us to do that. I think it’s also going to give people a different perspective of what they’ve heard prior to this record.


S: MSY has been supporting a lot of bands that come through the Seattle area such as Dance Gavin Dance, Emery, I the Mighty, Falling in Reverse and Aiden. Who was your favorite band you got to play a show with?

CK: It would have to be Emery because we’ve played with them a couple times and they’re just solid dudes. I’ve liked that band for a long time too, so getting to see them play and perform in front of them, it was crazy. The crowd was good and the energy they brought was great


S: Any chance we will be seeing MSY out on the road supporting someone, somewhere other than Seattle?

CK: Guaranteed (laughs). We hope that we’re going to be here in July. It’s where our hearts are at.


S: Maybe your own headlining tour soon?

CK: Maybe, we’d like to do some support stuff too.


S: What’s the one place that you really hope you get to tour?

CK: I know Japan is a huge one. Everybody seems to want to do a Japan tour at some point in our career. As far as in the states, we’ve never gone all the way out to the east coast. Hopefully New York and some other big cities out there. We want to do it all.


S: Give me your dream tour lineup. Dead or alive, broken up or together. Your choice.

CK: I would want a weird lineup. Something like a traveling festival. Something for every genre, with a predominant electronic guy like Big Chocolate or Skrillex. Then doing some random country guy, like bring Johnny Cash along. Then get a super heavy metal band like GWAR. It would be cool to have an eclectic group and bring something for everyone.


S: Maybe Ke$ha? That was one of your more popular videos on YouTube, the Cover MSY did of Ke$ha’s “Cannibal.”

CK: (Laughs) Oh yeah, we could hang out with her.


S: What’s the next song you would like to do a cover of?

CK: Oh man, I’m gonna get in trouble with my bands mates for talking about crazy ideas I’ve got (laughs.) I think it would be cool to do some 80’s song like Motley Crue’s “Girls Girls Girls.” I know we’ve talk about doing some rap song or maybe a 90’s REM song like “Losing My Religion.” We would love to do something for a Punk Goes Pop album, though.


S: What should we expect from MSY this year?

CK: There will be some music videos and you’ll see our faces out on the road. Hopefully some more press. Te big thing is getting out there on the road and meeting the fans. We’re friendly, come see us, come visit us, come get to know us. We’re all about our fans and friends and rocking on. Don’t be shy.


Interview by Stephanie Roe