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Starring in a video filled with 30 naked people ranging in age from six months to 73 years is a good way to get noticed, especially when you’re the only one fully clothed, and have a voice that sounds as though it’s from another era. Over two million views on YouTube later, Polish pop singer Margaret’s “Thank You Very Much” has become an internet sensation, and she’s become an artist worth getting excited about.

Recently, Substream made the long trip to Poland to speak with Margaret (OK, we didn’t make any trip, we chatted with her via Skype, but let us have some fun here!). The 21 year old singer (published reports have her at 22, and 23, but during this interview she was fairly adamant that she’s 21) told us a little bit about her native country, her vast musical background, and what it was like having all that genitalia swinging around for her video.


Substream: America has a cliched notion that Poland is nothing but miles and miles of snow, and maybe some bears, so start me off by telling me a little bit about where you grew up. What kind of town, or city were you in?

Margaret: Right now I live in Warsaw, it’s the capitol of Poland, but I grew up in a small village near the Baltic sea. I moved to Warsaw like three years ago. It’s such a cool city. We’re pretty friendly. I would say we’re kind of a drinker country, partying, and hanging out, but it’s fun, it’s really cool.


Substream: What are some of the highlights of the city? What are your favorite parts?

Margaret: I think that sometimes I’m a hipster. I just love to be outside when it’s warm, and just drinking with my friends, sitting on the stairs, just chilling. I want to recommend you something… I would really recommend the people. We are very cool and friendly, so you have to go out to Poland and see it.


Substream: When it comes to your music, are you getting a lot of support from your community?

Margaret: Yes. I think that Poland is kind of proud of me, which is pretty weird for me, but yeah. I have a lot of people telling me, “That’s great! Fingers crossed for you!”


Substream: What were some of your first experiences with music?

Margaret: I graduated from school playing saxophone, and then I started singing. I did a lot of commercials. I also did some vocals for soundtracks of movies. I was a part of many many projects, from some electric stuff, to some acoustic stuff. Right now I’m focused on the Margaret thing. I want to show people what kind of music I want to do because I feel like I’m finally finding myself.


Substream: What direction will your album be in, musically?

Margaret: Well, I think it will be an album with good melodies, but I wouldn’t say what kind of music it will be because I really don’t know. I love to keep discovering new stuff, so if I wanna add some dubstep or something, I just do it.


Substream: Let’s talk about the video for “Thank You Very Much.” Why did you want this to be the way you’d be introduced to the world?

Margaret: I find it very very funny, and that’s the way I am, I like when something makes me laugh. The song is about a girl saying no to a guy, and I thought that it would be great if I could say no to more stuff. Nudity was just a funny way to tell the story.


Substream: How happy was the black dude playing Wii about his… representation?

Margaret: It was so funny. He actually (accidentally) slapped me a couple of times. {laughs} It was really funny. On the set, surprisingly, I felt very comfortable. Just before it started I felt like oh my God, it’s gonna be awkward, but when I was there it became so… natural.


Substream: That’s the word! Was casting difficult, or was it easy to just be like “hey, I need thirty naked people?”

Margaret: You guys, you guys from America are so crazy. It wasn’t that hard.



Subtstream: With you being the only person fully clothed, is this also subliminally a shot at all the girls, singers and otherwise, who feel the need to get naked to be noticed?

Margaret: I don’t know. I don’t want to judge. Some people ask me if I would go for a Playboy photo session, and I said no, of course.


Substream: You have to have some good behind the scenes stories from the video shoot. Hit me with one of your favorites.

Margaret: The scene where the guy is knocking the cup out of my hand, we were rehearsing this for half an hour, because it was a pretty big scene, so I should know how high I should have the cup. After half an hour it was so awkward, and I felt like I had to say something to encourage him, and I said, “nice penis acting,” and he replied, “you know, I’ve been practicing.” It was just so weird, and so ridiculous.


Substream: Have you had a “making it” moment that’s made you say, “wow, this is really working?”

Margaret: I just started and I can’t still believe it. I am on the street and sometimes it happens that someone is just smiling to me and I’m like whoa, what is happening, do we know (each other)? So it’s really weird for me, but it’s really nice.


Substream: When will we get to see you in the US?

Margaret: Invite me.


Substream: I don’t have Visa powers, not that that’s a super power, I think it’s just a bunch of forms, but consider this me inviting you to the US.

Margaret: OK. I don’t know. I think that maybe it will happen soon, but I don’t know any dates.


Substream: Are you saying no one else has invited you to the US during this day of interviews?

Margaret: {playfully} Nooo, nobody!


Substream: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your music, yourself, or anything you’re passionate about outside of music?

Margaret: I’m also blogging. I really love fashion and that’s also part of me being an artist, so I’m also doing that. As I said, right now we’re working on the new album, on new songs. We have over ten songs, but we’re still working on new stuff, and I’m really really excited because we are doing different kinds of music. I keep surprising myself with new ideas when it comes to music, so I just can’t wait to show the whole album.


Substream: And that will come out before the end of the year?

Margaret: I hope so.



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