Pop Kids author Davey Havok answers a few questions about his first novel and why he chose pop culture as his main character.  

Substream Magazine: This novel seemingly came out of nowhere, how long have you been working on this story?

Davey Havok: I began writing Pop Kids in the fall of 2008. It wasn’t until late 2012 that I finished the final manuscript.

SM: What authors or other artists would you say inspired you to want to
write a novel?

DH: Throughout the years, many authors have inspired me to want to write: Dr. Seuss, Sartre, Poe, Ellis and Joe McGinniss Jr, to name a few.

SM: The story is full of pop culture references. You state in the book’s description that it’s inspired by celebrity culture, internet porn etc. What were you seeing in these cultures that really lit a fire in you?

DH: The cultural divide between those raised on modern media and those who grew up having to search for and experience deeper communications and life experience is stark. There is a specific informed emptiness to modern generations that has been unseen before now.

SM: What has the reaction and feedback been so far from those who have read the novel? Any more on the horizon for you?

DH: I’ve been very touched by the overwhelmingly positive reactions to Pop Kids. I’m currently working on a second novel.

SM: How does writing music influence your other forms of writing?

DH: The two don’t impact one another – thematically they may parallel but they do not intersect.

SM: Any last words?

DH: Thank you for reading.


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