Sub.Exclusive: It Lives, It Breathes



“It Lives, It Breathes has reached a career milestone with their 2012 debut EP.  Always searching to evolve their own style and the sub-genres they strive to make a mark within. Exploring elements of redemption, retribution, and a self-inspired hope that has long been stirring in the hearts of key members.  The New England based quintet encompasses a diverse sense of epic melody and vicious rhythm as they complete their forthcoming sophomore EP produced by Chris Curran (Apparition Sounds – A Loss For Words, Lions Lions, Handguns)  Since key member’s departure from Tragic Hero Records artist A Faylene Sky, It Lives, It Breathes have established an interactive and viral fan base that promises exponential support and growth.  Living by the mission Statement “Live Loud”.  It’s undeniable that the future of It Lives, It Breathes is firmly in front of them.”

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Substream recently had the opportunity to chat with singer Kevin Lacerda about the new EP and the bands plans for the summer.

Substream: Where did you record “We Come In Numbers” and who produced it?
Kevin: “We Come In Numbers” was produced at Apparition Sound with Producer Chris Curran  (A Loss For Words, Handguns, Paris, Auburn)

Sub: How did you approach writing these songs for this EP and did it differ from how you approached the writing process in the past?
K: We approached writing this current EP with the mindset of capatilizing on the best parts of our last EP and evolving them, while doing  pulling out new tricks that no band in the current metal/post hardcore scene is even comfortable doing.
Sub: What inspired “We Come In Numbers”?
K: The main inspiration behind ANY music we’ve ever written in this band is to provide an empowering message to our fans. They support us without ever backing down, so we provide them the music and words to strengthen their journey through life.
Sub: Are there plans to tour this spring and summer?
K: We are touring this June on The Restless and Relentless tour with Spies Like Us, My Heart To Fear, and Thoughts In Reverse. Sponsored by Koalacore Clothing and The Truth By Blood Agency. We’ll be continuing to tour after this throughout the summer into the Fall.

Pre-order “We Come In Numbers” now