arockettothemoon photo by EricRyanAnderson


SUBSTREAM MUSIC PRESS: Hi Andrew, thanks for taking time to talk with us!

ANDREW COOK: Ya of course, thanks for having me.

SMP: With A Rocket to the Moon, you’re about to release the second studio album, Wild & Free,which is really awesome! But between this release and the debut album there was roughly a three-year period that passed. Why did you guys wait to release a second and how did you know when you were ready to make a second album?

AC: Mostly, we kept doing tours so doing a second album took longer than we would have liked. We ended up on the road much longer than we had planned and then when we wanted to make the new album we ran into some bumps which delayed things and we couldn’t find the right time. It was a bummer to wait so long, but when it finally came together it just worked.

SMP: Even with waiting it definitely sounds to have paid off for the album. I found while listening to Wild& Free a different overall tone and style to the music with a bit of new instrumentation and theme. Was that an intentional choice you guys made before jumping into songwriting or would you describe it more as something that evolved along the way?

AC: It was kind of just how the music evolved and how we evolved. We did wait a long time between albums and there was a three-year difference in the headspace we were each in emotionally. The writing process incorporated things we naturally felt inclined to write about. Overall the choices and direction came very naturally.

SMP: A Rocket to the Moon just released the video for the albums first single, “Ever Enough”. What sort of response did you guys receive for the video and the song?

AC: It was great! We had a really good live chat directly following the video premiere where we responded to comments and talked with fans. They loved it and it was really great to talk to them about it. In the video we were able to have a real actress, Debby Ryan, and give the song a whole narrative and story. There were no performance shots it was just all about the story. There was a really grainy quality to the video and we are just really happy with the outcome.

SMP: It’s great the response has been so good! What would you say is the essence Wild & Free is trying to capture in this new chapter?

AC: I think we were trying to capture what life is honestly for us. We’ve been together four years now and both together and separately we have lived through love and we have lost people close. The older you get you realize how important the relationships we have are. On this album we’re not just singing about some girl, we wanted to take real life things that really hit home emotionally for each of us and write about those things. Each of the songs has this theme of reassurance and love that we hope is heard in the whole album. “Ever Enough” is the perfect example of that. It’s all about undying love for someone and wondering if that love will ever or could ever be enough. It’s the ultimate question of humanity. With this album we were trying to be real and we really hope that comes across.

SMP: Well I can say as a listener it sounds like an extension of reflection and looking forward without losing touch with the classic A Rocket to the Moon feel we’ve all fallen in love with.

AC: The album definitely starts out with having a goodtime and at the forefront of everything we want to have fun. But there is definitely more reflectiveness coming from each of us into these songs.

SMP: Well it’s something I think that absolutely comes across in a very honest way in the record. I’m curious though from your perspective, as a drummer, how was recording Wild & Free different from previous recording experiences for A Rocket to the Moon? There are definitely moments of different styles and textures coming from you. What was that like?

AC: It was both challenging and rewarding at times. Mark Bright is a country producer, which took away a lot of the pop element. He’d tell me to hit the cymbal or drum with my hand or use a blanket to get different textures. I went with it and we got the desired outcome. It was difficult and trying but I’m really thankful for the experience.

SMP: That sounds challenging but very rewarding. So to wrap up, where do you and the rest of your band mates hope to see if the immediate future and long term plans for A Rocket to the Moon?

AC: Well more than anything hopefully we get to do this for a living for a really long time and people like it! In the short-term we’d just really love a good reaction to the album. We’re anxious to see what people think and ready to be back on the road playing shows and seeing fans. We really want to hit the ground running.

SMP: Well I definitely see a good reaction in the cards. Thanks again Andrew for taking time to talk with us.

AC: Absolutely and thank you guys too.