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The Summer Set’s junior album, Legendary, can only be summed up in one way: insanely catchy.  There is no use trying resist their sugary sweet pop/rock jams, you will eventually be sucked in and you will not want to find a way out. Track after track, The Summer Set delivers memorable verses and choruses so full of hooks you will be belting them out before you can stop yourself. Legendary is by far the strongest of the band’s three efforts and highlights how the band has grown and matured. Standout dance tracks such as “Jukebox (Life Goes On)”,  “Maybe Tonight”,  “Boomerang”, and the simple yet endearing  “Heart on the Floor”, prove how hard of a melodic punch The Summer Set can pack.  Any number of songs off this album could be the one that pushes The Summer Set over the boundaries and onto Top 40 radio. The last track (also the title track), wraps the album up by exclaiming, “We all just want to be legendary to somebody”. With a set of songs as deliberately addicting and perfectly executed as Legendary, The Summer Set may very well have found a way to become legendary to more than just a few somebodies.

The Summer Set
Fearless Records
By Amanda Burd