Sub.Live: A Pleasant Night in Purgatory with Set It Off

Original Show Date: March 20th, 2013

People have mixed feelings about Wednesdays, happy that it is almost the weekend, but disappointed because it is just not close enough.  If only there was a solution to offset the middle of the week blues.   On this particular Wednesday, there was, but in an unsuspecting place, Purgatory.  Typically associated with a negative connotation, in this instance, people were very happy.  This particular purgatory is a room at the Masquerade, the go to venue for punk concerts in Atlanta.










On March 20th, Tampa based orchestral rock band, Set It Off (SIO), took to the revamped stage in purgatory and absolutely killed it.  From the time they stepped up to perform the first note up until the last.  The energy of Cody, Austin, Dan, Maxx and Zach is difficult to match, but the audience was solid and on the same level with SIO that night.  Cody, Maxx, Austin, Zach and Dan, always hit the stage at the highest energy level from start to finish and never quit, which was the case that night, but there was a slight hesitation.  Set It Off typically takes the stage to “Thoughts That Breathe” immediately followed by “Nightmare” and encourages fans to go crazy.  Well fans in the front row, this writer included, decided to throw a curve ball at the band, by standing totally still.  Carson responded immediately saying “oh very funny” and the other guys just laughed it off.





In no time flat, the entire crowd was going completely stir crazy.  Midway through the set, a mosh pit broke out, courtesy of some friends of SIO.  The upside to purgatory shows, sans barricades and plenty of opportunities for band/fan interactions.  SIO took full advantage of that, singing directly to fans, getting right in front of them, standing in and on the crowd too!  Fans held Cody Carson up as he bravely walked above the crowd while performing songs from Cinematics, SIO’s first full length, as well as classics from past EPs.  For this writer, hearing “Dreamcatcher” followed by “Swan Song” was an ideal set list decision by the band.



SIO sets their own ways on stage, so, when the decision of what the last song should be, they had a very diplomatic form of choice; rock, paper, scissor!  Cody chose a fan and if they won, the last song would be “Grand Finale”, but if Cody won, the last song was “Plastic Promises”.  Either way, it was a stellar end to the set.  The crowd representative was not triumphant against Carson, but still kept up the high energy for “Plastic Promises”.


While the performances had come to a close, the night was far from over as Set It Off kept their promise of meeting and hanging out with fans.  Cody, Dan, Maxx, Zach and Austin are a great group of guys, very dedicated to every aspect of their careers, especially to the fans.  Simply stated, this writer highly recommends seeing SIO live.  Great moments and music happens at Set It Off shows, so do not be the one to get left behind and miss out.