SUB. INTERVIEW:’s CEO Jake Stewart


Tell us about yourself (background) and why you decided to start an internet radio station?

My background has always been in business and in music; I have found a deep passion for both. I used to get made fun of because I always had music going with some sort of business book in hand. The idea of the station came from a group of people that talked about FM radio and how it was starting to be a thing of the past. Ronnie Ham and myself thought that no one is even listening to the radio in their car, it’s mostly iPads and MP3 players. There were a fair amount of people that said they even listen to satellite radio. So I kicked the idea around with some of my friends and did a small Facebook poll to see if this could even be a real thing. To my surprise, I got a great response. Everyone wants to DO something or be a part of something, but they leave it at that. They leave it as just a really great idea. Me, I said let’s do it and let’s make this a real thing and let’s do it right. That’s how I Do What I Want Radio was born.

I Do What I Want Radio is a pretty strong name and statement in itself. Does this mean that there are no boundaries for what this station will do, say or play?

Yes, the station does have a pretty bold name but I think that is what empowers it. I believe that people like that, they don’t want to be told what to do, they want to do what they want. With the station and its different shows I would like to say that there are no boundaries, we embrace the creative freedom. We want to tackle everything so we will say and play whatever we like with the listener in mind. There are a couple of things that, well, I guess words that I want the Djs to stay away from. Other than that, we pride ourselves on what we say and play that others just won’t.

Internet radio is expanding like crazy with stations like Pandora and idobi radio. How does your station differentiate itself from others out there now?

Well, Pandora and Idobi radio have set the path for other online stations. I don’t want to take anything away from them. The biggest difference between us and them is we don’t charge or limit you to listening hours per month. Plus, we have live Djs and all of our Djs are out in the musical trenches. I would compare the station to a FM station but just online and the FCC can’t touch us. I really like this, we can play songs that we like that don’t have to be radio friendly. [We can] talk about issues with no holds barred, you know, tell it like it is. The listeners also have a chance to respond as well with our website or on our social media pages. We can also offer a new voice to advertisers; any company that would normally be turned away from TV or radio advertising, we can welcome them with warm and open arms. This is a great avenue for any dot com company, because we are a world wide station.

Right now you have four shows on the station. Are you looking to add more shows and expand to all genres?

YES, I want music from all backgrounds. We get a lot of people wanting to have a time slot on the station. The thing is, it is a lot of work with your own show; it’s a lot more than just putting some songs on a play list. Even though I say our Djs are free to do what they want, I want it to be a good show with some thought put into it. Our advertisers and sponsors depend on it, and I don’t want to let them down. So after telling someone what goes into a show and planning a program people tend to take a step back from wanting to be a DJ.

Do you anticipate hosting any talk shows on the station in the future?

Yes, but I need to find the right niche. A talk show without music has to be something special. Reports show that people are only paying attention to talk radio for about 20 minutes. I want to find a way to raise the bar. I want a talk show that is like a drug, that something someone needs to hear and they can’t change it or turn it off until it’s over. Maybe I can pitch Substream for an hour’s worth of music news, lol.

How do find you talent for the shows you have?

The talent we have came from word of mouth. When the idea came to be, the word spread like wild fire. I found myself doing interviews for different shows we have. The Manic Metal Show with Blazing J and Johnny 2toews, offers everything in your metal needs with great music and metal music news from all over the world. Shut Up and Take It with JGoodz and Bones, offers a lot of good laughs with great music. There is nothing that these guys will not touch as far as topics and going for music. Booty Groves with D-Knight, gives you something to get up and dance to, all music and no talking as of now. Last but not least is Emerald City in the Mix with DJ Bobby Holdin giving you the best EDM out of Seattle. DJ Bobby Holding has a huge following out of Japan and Canada.

What can we expect to see new from your station in the coming year?

GROWTH, and lots of it. The Station is undergoing the process of syndication as of right now; I really like this due to the fact that I think everyone should hear us on other stations. We are being played currently in 23 different countries, and I would like to grow this as well with more people and more listening hours. We cover a lot of concerts in Kansas City, MO where our HQ is located, but I would like to cover shows all over the USA. I have a couple ideas on how to do this but nothing has happened yet. MORE things for the listeners, I want everyone to feel apart of the station. It might be concert tickets, T-shirts, or just stickers if someone wants them we want to give it to them. Plus if they are on our Online Street Team then I really want to hook them up for their hard work. Let’s say we have a listener in a small town in the middle of no-man’s-land Ohio, but they want to help with the station. I say by all means let’s get EVERYONE involved, and let’s reward them for it.

We are partnered up with a company called Strictly Music Booking Inc. This company really cares about the artist, what they are doing, and how they are doing it. They help with everything with getting a show, and getting their music heard. When I spoke to Duane Woods CEO of SMB, I was blown away, he has a lot of the same passion for music and helping others reach their goals. At I Do What I Want Radio, we pride ourselves on playing unsigned talents music and we don’t charge for it. We just ask for a like on Facebook and tell your friends about us, and it’s helped with our growth. That’s why I believe our partnership with Strictly Music Booking Inc. for the music business is going to be amazing.

So I guess it’s safe to say that I want to take over the world one city at a time, celebrate everything and everyone. We want to enrich people’s lives by enabling them to enjoy music they know and discover music they’ll love, anytime, anywhere. People connect with music on a fundamentally personal and deeply emotional level. Whether it’s a song someone first heard ten years ago or one they’ve just discovered, if they connect with that music on our service, a strong bond is forged at that moment with IDWIW. Just as we value music, we also hold a deep respect for those who create it. We celebrate and hold dear the individuals who have chosen to make music, from megastars to talented new and emerging artists. Also, by acting as silly as we want in good fun.