Check out the exclusive tour doc from Candy Hearts featuring the track “Replacement Parts” from their latest EP The Best Ways to Disappear available now from Bridge Nine/Violently Happy. Mariel Loveland had this to say about the doc:

We were really excited to do our first full U.S. tour, especially with bands and people we love like Allison Weiss, Pentimento and What’s Eating Gilbert, so we wanted to document the whole thing. Obviously, this is 3 minutes of 5 weeks, but a lot of those 5 weeks was driving anyway (kidding…kind of!). Seeing the country for the first time forwards and backwards was probably one of the coolest parts and I wanted to really capture the transition of the farms in the mid-west and lush southern vegetation to deserts and mountains and cities.

Really, my inspiration behind making this was that I want to be able to look back and be like, hey I remember what it felt like to be there. Look at what my friends and I did! We played in so many places we’ve never been to before and so many legendary venues we’ve been dreaming of playing like Gilman Street, Chain Reaction and even SXSW. We were so thrilled to be able to play to the people we played to and really appreciate everyone who came out to see our shows! I hope that everyone who was there can watch this and know how much it meant to us that we got to be there. Touring and making music is our life we just want to show everyone what we’re all about.