UK’s progressive rock band TESSERACT has released another video promoting their UK and European tour dates, this time featuring a sample from their “Retrospect” track. The band took a break from their rehearsals to comment:


As the release of Altered State draws closer, our attention turns away from production and to reproduction: performing this album on stage. Rehearsals have been going really well, and Ashe is just showing us old hacks up, as he’s nailing the parts each day in his free and effortless fashion that drew our attention to him in the first place. It’s a very different approach that we have to take for the new tracks, as they are less about individual performances and more about a cohesive and superior whole. But we’re confident we’ve got it right and can’t wait to get out there again to share it with our friends, wherever you may be.


Altered State‘ will be TESSERACT‘s sophomore full-length album and will be released on May 28, 2013 in North America via Century Media Records. Divided into four movements: Of Matter, Of Mind, Of Reality and Of Energy, ‘Altered State‘ represents the transformations that TESSERACT has gone through over the past few years. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that: In a closed system energy is conserved, nothing is lost. It merely changes from one state to another.