A circle to a metal head means a magical time of spinning to shred-slaught of the band sweating their soul out on the stage before you. However, there is also another meaning, one just as touching as the screaming fans shouldered against each other in the crowd. This kind of circle is a moment, a full circle moment. We all have them. Those moments in life where it all comes together. When we pour out our hearts to make our passions reality and are met with ultimate gratitude when it impacts the lives of others. Vanna’s Davey Muise describes his full circle moment and it’s reflection in their new album The Few And The Far Between out yesterday on Razor and Tie.

Substream Magazine: How is the tour going so far?

Davey Muise: It’s funny because in Hollywood you just never know but tonight was amazing and it seems like every night gets better and better! This is definitely the best tour our band has ever done!

SM: How many songs from the new album are you letting loose on this tour? Observations so far on crowd response to the never heard before newbies?

DM: Ya know, it’s been crazy. I just feel like the way these songs are written and the guitar riffs- you just can’t help but to get into it! We open with the intro and second song from the record on this tour and we know no one knows it but actually we started the tour by playing our intro and then an earlier song and at first kids were getting down but they weren’t really getting into it, then we decided to just play it like it is on the record and see what it does, and kids just have just been fucking losing it! And it’s such an awesome feeling! We put a single out called “Year Of The Rat” and right now we are filming the video for that single on this tour. When I say on stage, “Hey you don’t know this song, let’s just have fun!” I was nervous at first about playing the single live, just because you never know with the new ones but now I am more excited to play it just to see how different the response is each night. They really start paying attention and it’s crazy because a lot of them know that song over some of the older stuff, so it’s really just been an overwhelming response so far!

SM: The name of the new album holds a very special significance to you. I read that “All of those people who have affected our lives on the road are the few and the far between.”


DM: They make us who we are. We joke around that we wish we could compile all of them in one city and live there forever.”

SM: Since this album is more of a seemingly fan dedication/human connection album, do you feel like your previous album title And They Came Baring Bones held what would be like a predecessor to that, as in holding more of a soul bearing significance, like here is our sound “bearing the bones” and those who connect and respond are “the few and the far between”? Then the music and the message come full circle with the release of The Few And The Far Between.

DM: Yes exactly! We feel like the people that get us through our days and nights are the few and far between. They are the people that we leave our families behind and drive for 8 to 10 hours at a time to come and give them all we have. And even when we are at home and my mom is sick or I have personal stuff going on and someone tweets me lyrics to one our songs or says something like “Oh I cannot wait to see you guys” that just reminds just how worth it all of this is and we will always go everywhere we can to try to reach those who have connected to our music and our lives. The last song on the record actually- it’s called White Light and it’s exactly what we are talking about. That record is the when it all comes full circle for me, it for the fans and our message is that we are here and you are the white light that carries this band, it’s in your hands so do what you want with it. I am one of those guys who still knows that rock n roll saves lives and speaks to people, and that’s exactly what this record and our album is about. And when we begin writing the next album, I feel like it will culminate just how much uncharted territory we have conquered. Fans and friends are starting to understand that and our impact is getting bigger which is absolutely amazing and I know the next record we put out will be an even bigger celebration of music changing and connecting all of our lives.

SM: That is awesome, and the true definition of a full circle moment. Moving deeper into the making of The Few And The Far Between, you guys worked with Jay Maas, who also did your release for Artery Recordings, 2010’s The Honest Hearts EP. Elaborate a bit on your experience this time around working with him on the new album and more importantly how you guys got it done so quickly!

DM: I’ve known Jay since I was 15 years old and even back then all of the old hardcore bands used to record with him and he has been my friend forever. He’s a dude just like us, he’s from Boston and he always kills it! We had a short amount of time to get the record out and we talked about how we wanted to record at home and no other name came to mind for us but Jay! He just gets it right off the bat and got it done in like a month and a half! Working with him is just incredible! He is also in a band called Defeater whom you should definitely check out.

SM: So here is question for the perfectionists in the band! Think about once an album is out and you’ve now listened to it frontwards, backwards and inside out, do you find yourself still critiquing things or having “ah ha!” moments that make you want to go back into the studio and change it?

DM: Well we listened to it as a band over and over again and then sent one edit request back to Jay and he got it right back to us and now I have no reservations about the finished product, and it’s exactly the record I want everyone to hear!

SM: As an artist, the infamous writers block is something to be expected throughout your career, share your cures/practices for breaking lyrical writers block?

DM: I write everyday of my life and I think most people who are writers or singers write everyday as well. For me, sometimes I just have to walk away completely when I feel like I have writers block. I started doing other artistic things like drawing and painting. I look to Keith Buckley from ETID for inspiration as well- he is one of the reasons I started writing in the first place so I feed a lot creatively from him.

Here is something that I haven’t told anyone yet- I am actually going to release a poetry book soon and including paintings and photography from some of my closest friends. I am doing this because to me, everything is poetry until it hits music- then it becomes a song, and I have a lot on my mind and I am ready to put it in a book to share with the world! So yea be on the lookout for my limited edition anthology!

SM: You guys are from Boston, so I have to ask about the Celtics since you are in Laker territory…start rant!
DM: Here’s the deal- personally, I don’t care about basketball that much, BUT I like beef, especially between cities! So I will fuel it and if the Lakers win the playoffs I’m all like “Fuck the Lakers” but I don’t actually care. I am a New England Patriots and a Red Sox kind of guy! But being from Boston, I will defend ANY Boston team down to The New England Revolution soccer team till death just because I love the beef and camaraderie that goes along with it.

SM: Ok, I know you guys are hiding it somewhere so who has the clam chowder stash on the bus?

DM: Oh my God yes! Me! I love it! You seriously cannot get any good clam chowder anywhere except New England! Although- there is a venue we played in Pennsylvania and they said it was the best in the state and it was….okay haha. And no one in the world can top my mom’s chowder so there’s that.

SM: Now that we’ve explored food, fun with sports and full circle moments, leave us with a few last words!

DM: Your home is so important. To all the bands that are coming up in their scene, share the ground we all walk on. Support your scene and go to other people’s shows, music is about the live connection and it’s our ultimate release from everything that goes on in the world. A lot of my heroes that I grew up listening to are now my friends and we tour together and it still freaks me out! But we are all here because we are the outsiders, we are the ones that don’t belong and I just try to always remember that and treat all people the same. In this life and in the scene, we are the few and the far between, you- our fans are our friends and our supporters and are really what makes everything possible! Thank You!

Interview by Ebony Jeanette

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