the color morale cover art

The Color Morale pours passionate lifeblood into their third release, Know Hope. Awakening your ears and spirit, anthemic faith forward songs are delivered with no shortage of catchy hooks and symbolic breakdowns that are (thankfully) not overused.

If Garrett Rapp’s voice had a color it would shine cerulean blue, raw with power and rich with pure emotion. His beautiful to brutal, perfect for post hardcore vocals serenade the intricate guitar and drum work from track to track while keeping your ears adhered to the ever-present ambient dissonance that makes the mystique of The Color Morale undeniable. Unearthing a level of intensity and musicianship matched by few, standouts on this climactic album include “Living Breathing Something”, “Silver Lining”, and “Saviourself”. Know Hope culminates with their heaviest offering “Never Enders,” a tricky and interesting piece that is particularly enhanced by the unique and complex handiwork of drummer Steve Carey.

Arduously crafted, Know Hope resonates deeply with a zest for life and self realization. The Color Morale have emerged with a post hardcore must have and the anticipation for it’s release will continue to increase as the band hits the road alongside As I Lay Dying and The Devil Wears Prada later this month before heading out on the forthcoming Rise Records Tour!


The Color Morale

Know Hope

Review by Ebony Jeanette