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When asked about the inspiration behind “Alone”, the guys explained,

We are all different- different families, different thoughts, and different experiences. The one thing we all have the same is our feelings. At Some point in out lives we all felt alone. From the drifter that sits in the back of the classroom, to the high-end super model that has an expensive apartment in the city. While we were writing the song we wanted to express our deepest inner emotions. Open up about the real things we go through like we’ve never done before. 100% Pure unfiltered Honesty”

The Oxymorrons have been making music their way since the Queens bred brothers joined forces in 2009. After years spent playing and touring with other groups, it was clearly time for K.I. and D to set the New York scene ablaze. The Oxymorrons are not a hip-hop group in case you were wondering. They are not a rock group, or a pop act. They are the aftermath of a massive collision between inspiration and boundless creativity.

Oxymorrons’ inspiring music, positive messages, and dedication to the fans cultivated their Geek Life movement; forming an eclectic, supportive family of underdogs determined to prevail despite all odds. The group continued gaining momentum by playing various shows around New York City, finally catching their first big break opening for Lupe Fiasco. The fellas continued to make music and play shows, leading them to the 2010 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX where they met and developed a strong friendship with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.

In Fall 2011, the Oxymorrons connected with Jay-Z‘s company, Artful Dodger to release their mix tape, “STFU and Listen”. The project had two successful release events; one held at the Roc A Wear showroom in Manhattan hosted by Sway Calloway of MTV and the other in Los Angeles hosted by DJ Skee. They have shared the stage with chart-toping and buzz-worthy acts like Gym Class Heroes, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Ke$sha, Das Racist, Yelawolf, Bad Rabbits, Rihanna, Neon Hitch, and more. In November 2012, a video for the track “TKO” featuring and co-written by the Oxymorrons was released by Wynter Gordon to critical acclaim.

The Oxymorrons are currently recording their fifth project “For Fun & Games” and it’s expected to release in 2013, so stay tuned!


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