It’s the end of an era. When Underoath announced that they were breaking up, teens and twenty somethings (and probably even older) around the world let out a sigh. Did anyone know it was coming? And then they announced their farewell tour – and people rushed to their laptops to get tickets before everything sold out. The lineup was solid – Underoath, mewithoutYou, As Cities Burn and LetLive.

Critics had mixed feelings about LetLive at first, but once they saw their set most minds were probably changed. While they played in Atlanta, Georgia, on the second to last date of the tour, LetLive got the crowd ready. Word on the street that night was that they will become the next Underoath. Only time will tell.

After LetLive finished their brief set, As Cities Burn took the stage. It was like a flashback to when As Cities Burn and Underoath toured together in 2006 – right after ACB’s critically acclaimed Son I Loved You at Your Darkest and Underoath’s Define the Great Line debuted. It was a pivotal time in both bands’ careers. And they killed it. And now, over six years later, they shared the stage once again.

Having mewthoutYou support the tour also acted as an ode to old times, remembering the glory days of Tooth & Nail Records. MewithoutYou played both older and newer songs, showcasing their quirky style like only they can do – a style that in no way resembles Underoath, but strangely complements it.

As soon as Underoath took the stage the crowd went insane. They played through some of the newer material but definitely didn’t forget about crowd favorites such as “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door.” They performed a song written especially for this tour. And they looked GREAT. Underoath has relentlessly toured for the better half of ten years. And on their last tour, they went above and beyond. It wasn’t an underground hardcore show, but it felt like one. The energy in the pit, the band members’ interaction with each other and the crowd and the undeniable passion emanating from that room was undeniable. Photos couldn’t capture it. Video couldn’t fully encapsulate it. Their last few shows exceeded expectations and left fans longing for more – exactly how something great should end.

Review by Rebecca Cicione