Prefaced with a special meet and greet opportunity for fans earlier in the day at Soundcheck Hollywood, hardcore heavyweights HATEBREED made an unforgettable stop February 1st on their headlining tour at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. The general admission floor was packed to the brim and it was clear from his ever-electric energy Jamey Jasta was feeding off of each and every face in the crowd. With each set change the show got better and better and soon it’s strength was enough to exhaust and dehydrate every hardcore kid in the pit. The night’s first and most unique impression came with openers The Contortionist, followed by legendary metallers Dying Fetus and culminated by Shadows Fall, a band who truly turned it up a notch as direct support for the evening. The mystery and excitement was at an all time high as fans anxiously awaited Hatebreed to hit the stage. Performed in dedication to Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, their set was non stop movement featuring a mix of timeless tunes from previous releases and floor shakers from the new album, The Divinity Of Purpose.

No amount of hardcore can prepare your eyes and ears for the live action behemoth that is  Hatebreed. The mere sound of Jasta’s vocals over teeth cutting riffs and blindsiding drums makes kids slam into each other like the meteor plunging into central Russia. With horns striking the sky all night, Hatebreed put their whole hearts into every song, reconnecting long time listeners with old school favorites like “Under The Knife” “You Fucking Bleed Now” and “Before Dishonor” and appeasing the newbies and general crowd with killer singles like “Put It To The Torch.” Even the unreleased tracks were welcomed with positive feedback! Rocking harder than the paleolithic age, the night  success was clear in the glazed over facial expressions of fans as they spilled out into the streets. Connecting completely with the crowd as they do best, the band gave their final head bang in appreciation as Jasta delivered a heartfelt thank you to those of us who matter most, the fans and supporters who work hard everyday and fuel their creative release with the help of self realization songs from the one and only HATEBREED!

Review By Ebony Jeanette