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Substream Magazine: Senses Fail’s new album Renacer is set to be released on March 26th, and after taking a listen, I feel like you guys went in a new, heavier, direction with this one. Is there something that sparked you to create something so different from your previous releases?

Buddy Nielsen: Definitely! We just wanted to explore something new. I’ve always enjoyed heavy music, and have wanted to take the band in this direction for a while. It just never felt like the right time, or we didn’t have the right people in the band for it. We thought this was the best place to go to put Senses Fail in a new light.

SM: How was the writing process for the record? Did you write a lot of songs for this album and was it tough to choose what tracks made the final cut?

BN: When we start the process, the music is always first, and then the lyrics come last.  A ton of songs were written for this album, so we had to narrow it down. In the end we picked 12 that we really liked, and took them to the studio.

SM: In the first single “Mi Amor”, which is now available on iTunes, some of the lyrics are sung in Spanish. Can you tell us a little more about the song, and why you chose to write in another language?

BN: I wanted to come up with a different idea for that song. I was pretty far into the writing process and I didn’t want to do the same screaming pattern, and that’s where the idea to do something in Spanish came about.  I started writing it and thought it sounded really cool, and it’s something that not a lot of bands do. I really want to challenge people with this new record.

SM: With the state of today’s industry and the fact that there’s already so much music out there, you have try something new and put yourself out there.

BN: Exactly. I just think it’s funny when people get upset that a band tries something new. We don’t create music for anyone specific. There’s going to be people that don’t support our new direction, and there will also be fans who love it. We’re older now and the pressure of making this band a success is no longer there.  Our number one priority is to do exactly what we want to do, and not make decisions based upon money or how popular it may become.

SM: What is one thing you hope fans will take away from this album?

BN: I would say a positive message. The record is very positive and it’s about picking yourself up, putting yourself together, and moving forward.  It’s about realizing life is good, and challenging yourself to be a better person.

SM: You guys just announced a spring tour with Such Gold and Real Friends, set to hit a majority of the US. How did you go about picking the set list for this tour?

BN: We try to pay attention to what people like and always take that into consideration. This is our sixth record so we have a lot to choose from. There’s a handful that people definitely want to hear, so we always play those and mix in some new songs as well.

SM: I feel like Senses Fail are Warped Tour veterans, playing multiple tours in the past ten years, including some dates in 2012. Do you have plans to return this summer? 

BN: No, we won’t be returning this summer.

SM: Thanks for taking the time to chat, do you have any other news you’d like to tell us?

BN: Just to keep an eye out for the new record and to check us out on tour this spring. Also, thanks to everyone who supports our band!


Senses Fail

Interview by Nicole Thomas