It’s about time metalcore fans learn of Alabama hardcore outfit Gideon. Often described as the “Christian version of The Ghost Inside,” the band is starting to make waves in the metal and hardcore community, delivering songs with crisp guitar lines and thought-provoking, inspirational lyrics. Earlier this month, the four-piece released a music video for “Bad Blood” off of their 2012 Facedown Records release, Milestone, which exemplifies their breakdown-heavy, heartfelt sound. The group is currently taking their brand of abrasive, passionate metal all around the UK before returning to the States in April to headline Facedown Fest in Chino, CA. We spoke with guitarist Daniel McCartney after Gideon played the last date of the sold out Fight the Silence Tour with For Today, Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, and Upon a Burning Body. Continue below to read about their goals as a young band and what they have planned for 2013.

Rock Edition: The Fight the Silence Tour recently ended. What are some of your favorites memories from the road?

Daniel McCartney: Any of the Texas shows were all phenomenal. Dallas sold out at like 1,400. Los Angeles sold out at like 1,000. Tonight was sold out. It’s just been a great tour.

RE: I know you guys have some plans overseas. What’s up next?

DM: Yeah, we leave for Europe in about a week. We’re headlining Facedown Fest. And we also have a tour that we haven’t announced yet. It’s going to be a pretty cool tour. We basically have our whole year planned out but not announced yet. [chuckles]

RE: Nice! If you could play only one song from Milestone for someone, which would it be and why?

DM: Probably “Bad Blood” because that’s my favorite song on the record. It has a groove to it. I listen to a lot of nu metal bands, like Slipknot and stuff like that, and that song has that sort of feel to it. And the lyrics are awesome. Our drummer had a lot to do with the lyrics. So, yeah, definitely that song.

RE: What’s your favorite Slipknot song?

DM: I don’t even know. I have no clue. I mean, the record Iowa is really good. I would say the whole record Iowa. That record is hard.

RE: Have you ever seen them live?

DM: I have not seen Slipknot live! I want to see them live very badly, but we tour so much that I miss all of my favorite bands.

RE: Do you have time for any TV shows?

DM: When I have the time, there’s this one show I watch called Trailer Park Boys. I’m ashamed to say that I watch it. [laughs] And I really like the show House. I’ll watch tons of movies, especially comedies.

RE: What have you seen recently?

DM: The Campaign. Have you seen that one? It’s with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis.

RE: They’re both amazing. If you could cover any metal song, which would it be?

DM: We covered “I Will Be Heard” by Hatebreed one time. Hatebreed is probably my favorite band. We’re actually thinking of covering a song for Facedown Fest, which I can’t say, but it would probably be something really mainstream. I’m a big Sevendust fan, so probably one of their songs.

RE: Tell me a secret about each of your band members.

DM: Okay, let me think. Jake [Smelley] is obsessed with working out. I guess it’s a good thing. Timmy [Naugher] is a handyman and does all the work on the van. I don’t know anything about me! [laughs] You’ll have to ask one of them.

RE: Lastly, let everyone know why they need to check out Gideon.

DM: On a serious note, we put a lot of work into our music and lyrics. We’re always on tour. It’s always good to see new fans and people checking us out, especially with this last tour, which had a lot of fans that we probably would have never played to because it’s a little bit different of a genre. I think that a lot of the Memphis May Fire fans and The Word Alive fans liked us. They can bang their heads to us. Just check us out and hit us up.

Interview with Daniel McCartney of Gideon

By Caroline Jensen of Rock