Bled Fest announces full lineup, topped by Black Dahlia Murder, Knuckle Puck,...

Bled Fest announces full lineup, topped by Black Dahlia Murder, Knuckle Puck, Kevin Devine

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Every year since 2005, Michigan-based concert promotion company Fusion Shows has spent their Memorial Day weekend packed in the Hartland Performing Arts Center with the likes of 1,500 excited, tired, sweaty, music-loving individuals and more than 70 touring and local bands and artists that share the same passion. And, every year, they have the best time doing it. The event has come to be known as BLED Fest, and has become a staple of the mid-Michigan music scene for nearly a decade.

Today, the festival announced their complete lineup. After spending every day of February announcing the first 29 acts through Free Ticket February, a guessing game played on the festival’s social media accounts, the festival has unveiled the rest of the bands playing this coming May. Among this year’s highlights are equal parts heavy (The Black Dahlia Murder), pop-punk (Knuckle Puck, pictured), softer (Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties & Kevin Devine), epic (The World is a Beautiful Place), and everything in between. You can find the full lineup below.

Bled Fest 2016

The Black Dahlia Murder
Knuckle Puck
Kevin Devine
The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties
Jeff Rosenstock
Abigail Williams
All Dogs
Tiny Moving Parts
Old Gray
Sorority Noise
The Copyrights
The Saddest Landscape
Chasing Safety
Ray Rocket
Better Off
Free Throw
The Lippies
Against the Grain
Casey Bolles
Artifex Pereo
Act as One
Parkway & Columbia
Hot Mulligan
A War Within
Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts
The Plurals
The Cardboard Swords
Stories Untold
Undesirable People
The Fever Haze
Small Parks
Our Vices
The Illustrator
Lemix J Buckley
June Earth
All is Well
Grey Matter
Convenient Trash
Athena’s Grace
Carved Out
Second Best
The Class Acts
The Beautiful Gorgeous
Amateur Eyes
Blind Merle & His Traveling Band
Of Athens

In addition to this massive lineup, four bands will be added to the lineup over the next couple of weeks. Tickets are also on-sale, along with VIP tickets if you’re looking for an added bonus to your day!