The Escape draws apt Bayside comparisons on ‘The Mark We Leave Behind’ EP

Fixated on the theme of legacies and social footprints, Norristown, Pennsylvania-based rock quartet The Escape come through for their second EP The Mark We Leave Behind. With the collaboration of producer Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, mewithoutYou), the group makes strides in the right direction with several heavy-hitting tracks and great melodic structure.

The EP opens with hooky guitar riffs from guitarist/vocalist Stephen Angello in “Soon Forgotten.” There are many things working well within the track, with melody and structure at the forefront of the internal quality. The strongest indications of the aforementioned themes can be felt throughout the opener’s duration, as Angello bellows, “And when it’s over/What is the mark we leave behind?”

“Two Steps Forward” shines through as a song with a lot of potential. Though the chorus isn’t quite as infectious as “Soon Forgotten,” the synergy between all four members in the intro and pre-chorus make up for it, assuring listeners that the blood, sweat and tears of all four members went into the creation of The Mark We Leave Behind.

The Escape let their Bayside influences shine through in “Living In A Dream,” with chord progressions resembling that band’s classic “Devotion And Desire.” The EP closes with “Waiting,” complete with a guitar solo that makes the Bayside comparisons surface once more. Influences aside, the closing track adds more infectious rock elements to the table and gives listeners something positive to end on.

There’s no denying the catchy nature of melody and vocal style throughout the EP’s six-track duration. The direction of the EP’s creative groundwork, in regards to the idea of what we as humans leave behind, is an interesting concept for listeners to wrap their heads around. Though the lyrics seem a little half-baked and simplistic at times, there’s still a lot to be proud of within the six tracks of The Mark We Leave Behind.